Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tamiflu Supply

I can't help to think of how many people will look like idiots if the Tamiflu does nothing for the mutated bird flu that is expected to hit this world of ours.  Chances are of Tamiflu being a waste of money are high.  If you must buy this, then please do so.  But don't think for one minute you will be anymore protected against the bird flu than those that don't buy Tamiflu.  What will help you against this mutated bird flu is isolation, cleanliness, (hand-hygiene)  and perseverance in taking care of your self and your family.  But tamiflu is not the cure for it because this flu has not mutated as of yet and the CDC doesn't have that clear picture on what the mutation looks like.  Using Tamiflu would or could be no different than taking a glass of water and a sugar pill.  Your odds are not that good either that Tamiflu will even work. 

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