Thursday, October 13, 2005

EU says internet could fall apart

I believe that the USA will hold out to the last breath being stubborn jerks they will not give in.  I don't see them giving up the internet pie they have had all of this time.   Regardless of what the UN or EU think the USA Government loves domination.  USA looses power if they give up ownership.  At the same time too allow a country to take over a majority of the internet would be just like accepting a Internet that doesn't allow free speech anymore.  Dictatorship would be  universal. Some countries would force rules on the internet that would or could hurt the internet.  It all starts with whom has the power to  govern the internet.  it  will end when the consumer gives up logging onto the internet stating that the internet is not worth all of the trouble logging on to it anymore.  That will be a bad shame that will hang on all governments shoulders.   The consumer will no longer have all of the information available to them.  Maybe we need to line up all these  bureaucrats and just whoop all their asses for being such jerks? 
 Who ever runs it needs to be neutral.  They can not be for or against any one nation on this planet.  Everyone should have access to it equally, and no one nation should be allowed to dictate it. 


Developing countries demand share of control 
US says urge to censor underlies calls for reform
 A battle has erupted over who governs the internet, with America demanding to maintain a key role in the network it helped create and other countries demanding more control.

The European commission is warning that if a deal cannot be reached at a meeting in Tunisia next month the internet will split apart.

At issue is the role of the US government in overseeing the internet's address structure, called the domain name system (DNS), which enables communication between the world's computers. It is managed by the California-based, not-for-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) under contract to the US department of commerce.

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