Monday, August 22, 2005

Music on the move: music downloads and DRM

 In the first of a two part series on digital music on the move, we look at the controversial issue of digital rights management (DRM) and consider to what extent - if at all - users are discouraged from using legitimate download services.   read the rest here  DRM Blues
See I knew this was all going to crop up.  If you want to include DRM then ALL software wanting to run DRM should also be included.  There should be no restrictions on the Licenses.  because after all Bill Gates we already are having to deal with DRM! So include all MP3 players that are willing to go along with the BS.  To hell with this crap of different download places saying who's MP3's they will support.  That is total BS. 
They should be able to back up any License they have. NO ONE should have to purchase the same License again. THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR THE DAMN THING YOU MORONS!  Because of the set up now people are having to repurchase the same music again.  Hell if my cds that I purchased in the store did this  I wouldn't even fool with them again.  I would go back to radio. 
OH! that reminds me I heard that Satellite radio is the next coming good thing. 
I agree!  

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