Monday, August 29, 2005

global warming

 Do you believe global warming is a factor behind the recent severe weather?  In a way I do, but in a way I don't also.  I know I can't have it both ways, but just read on, and maybe you will see my point. 
Hurricanes etc will just like any thing else will have a time to where you don't have as many.  You can go 25 to 40 years, and have a decrease in them.  Then one year they are on the increase again.  The increase will last for years.  It has nothing to do with global warming.  It's just mother natures way of giving mother earth a break then taking that break away.  It's the same as you seeing a famous desert dry as a bone for years, and then one day it rains.  It's no different than earthquakes becoming more intense.  They are not as intense, then one year you have a major quake.  Think back to when you was young, Grandma use to say we are due for bad weather this year.  Remember?   Same with Hurricanes. 
Does this mean we don't have global warming?  No.  Look at the North and South pole.  Yes the glaciers are melting.  So that means the climate is changing.  So this in itself could be global warming.  However who is to say that this also is just part of mother natures way of giving the North and South pole a rest?  It could be that just like everything else that has years of what they feel is normal temps, were not normal at all.  Or maybe even it has periods of many years of freezing, and many years of melting.  Who knows.  But if you look at weather as a whole instead of just including a certain amount of years then passing judgement, the weather is just doing what it has always done.  It waxes and wanes just like it did 100, 200, and even 300 years ago.  Didn't they also say at the beginning of the spring that there would be a increase in storms this year? Plus didn't the weather people all say we was over due for this to happen?  Think about it.  I realize they want to blame this all on the ozone, and global warming.  How can that be if they have been predicting it for years to happen and point blank came out and said that it was a pattern, and that it will last for years, then we will have a decrease again? 
However if the weather we are having now never goes away and gets worse year by year, then yes this is global warming caused by the ozone layer.  The same goes for snow, rain, and all the other climate.  So we all shall see what happens years from now. 

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