Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Robertson should be ousted!

First read this, and be sure you watch the video on the page. Robertson comments for assassination call   He did say assassination! He did say our men should go in and get rid of this guy.  He did not say as he claimed in his so called apology to just remove him.  I saw the tape.  I know first hand from his mouth the exact wording that he said.  NO the media did not take his words out of context as Robertson claims.  So his apology means nothing to me.  If I was in power I would arrest this man under the terrorist laws.  I would throw the book at him.  He as a public figure was in fact to me inciting a terrorist threat.  because of his following, and because people have a tendency of taking his words as power.  This man could in fact be a wart that the USA doesn't need.  I don't believe the USA should let this go.    
But what about free speech?  There is a big difference between free speech, and using your political power to convince the public to assassinate someone.  That is what Robertson was doing.  It is as clear as you can get in any type of speech a person could make.  It also was as clear as you can get when a public figure such as Robertson tells the USA to send  covert operatives  to kill someone. 
We don't need our Churches and synagogues inciting riots, killings, and assassinations.  If that is what Church is about, then I don't want to go to one ever again.  Robertson needs to be ousted. Or a public ban put upon him for TV and public speaking.  Because Robertson was infact promoting terrorism.  

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