Thursday, August 25, 2005

Employees unleashing viruses on purpose?

Here is something interesting.Employees unleashing viruses on purpose? I kind of believe that some employees are capable of doing this.  But I am more inclined to believe that it is a lack of teaching employees security measures in the office. I have asked employees in the past what they were taught, and most of them said nothing except how to log on and go.  I then asked a few questions to find out just what they know about the computer they use everyday.  Most were dumb founded.  Some were even down right stupid with their answers.  One told me "that is the IT's department headache not mine I only need to know how to run Excel, and email, keeping out viruses is not part of my job description".  Others said that the IT told them to "log on, and to call if the computer started acting up".  I have seen a great misuse of company time on a computer.  The use of Instant Messengers, and accepting emails from family and friends at work.  Plus the actual download and install of software etc. that was nowhere related to work.  Like games, movie trailers, etc.  
I believe unless the IT community, and job environments don't start taking their computers seriously when it comes to security then the security problems will never get any better.  I also believe that it is a jobs responsibility to be sure that their employees understand and know all of the security rules.  It doesn't matter how small their job is.  Get rid of the ones that don't want to learn the ropes.  Get rid of the ones, that keep infecting the boxes.  Show them the street if they continue to download crap that is not part of their job, and email every Tom, Harry, and Jane. I also believe that a job has the right to be sure that they are not downloading this crap, and emailing every Tom, Harry, and Jane.  

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