Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ok Bushy listen up!

Thank you Bushy for thinking twice before allowing the xxx domain! We don't think alike in most areas.  But I do agree with you on this.
Creating a XXX domain will do nothing to protect the public except give them a false sense of security for protecting their children.  You create this domain you will have many people thinking this is where all the porn is.  You have to first get into the mind of a new computer user to understand how they think.  If no one had told you about the XXX domain what do you think your first line of thought would be on what type of content this domain has?  I have had new computer users to write me and ask why a certain website that was a dot com was trying to put a virus on their computer if they are a business?  They don't comprehend that any of the domains on the Internet today can be bad, or be a false/misleading website.  Some think when first new that a "dot com" is a commercial site, and a "dot org" is a nonprofit.  The "dot net" they think those are everyday people.  And surely they all must be legit because after all they are on the Internet. 
Second is the XXX domain can be abused tremendously  by lobbyist thinking we shall throw all the porn over there including all the stuff we think is crap even though it is not crap and certainly not porn but instead just related or has a sexual tendency to it.  So many websites will be forced to move because their website just has a sexual nature to it.  It may not be Porn but who cares its going there anyway because I don't like their content. 
Third is the porn sites themselves.  You don't really believe they will give up those domains they have had for years do you? 
fourth is very scary... Just whom is going to monitor the backlash of non complying porn domains?  There will come a day when someone tries to force a move on them to the XXX domain. Even worse is that today the other domains are not really complying to the domain types so does this mean they will have to move also?   
It wont work because The USA will be the only one complying with the new rules.  Actually no one will comply  because they will just move to a host in a country that doesn't have the silly rules.   
It's just all a bad idea.  Keep on telling them no.  Ok Bushy?

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